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About Passportivity

Passportivity is a top-tier company helping wealthy clients gain second citizenship or residency by investment. We use a deep understanding of immigration laws to guide our clients through the process, from start to successful conclusion.

Passportivity's distinct advantage lies in our strict adherence to legal compliance. This helps us ensure a smooth experience for all our clients.

We turn the concept of dual citizenship and global residency into a strategic wealth enhancement and preservation tool. With Passportivity, obtaining a second citizenship or residency becomes a transparent and unambiguous procedure.

Why You Can Trust Us

We are not just providing a service. Working with Passportivity is about partnering with a trusted advisor in your global residency or citizenship journey.

We safeguard the interests of all our clients and guarantee a hassle-free experience. Our team and robust systems offer rigorous privacy measures, secure data handling, and minimised transactional risks.

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Investment Immigration Countries

Passportivity has the capacity to assist you in participating in 20 different investment programs, providing a variety of options to suit your specific needs and objectives. These programs would allow you to acquire a second passport by investment or a Golden Visa by investment.

Passportivity: Navigating
You to Global Citizenship

In the first step, Passportivity arranges a free consultation to understand your needs, preferences, and requirements. This allows us to advise on the best investment programs tailored to your situation.

Before formalising our relationship, the compliance team conducts a thorough Due Diligence check. Once you pass the review, we can sign a Services Agreement.

Based on the initial consultation results and your personal circumstances, our dedicated managers advise you on the most suitable citizenship or residency by investment program. This step is critical in ensuring the chosen program aligns with your goals.

A devoted Passportivity lawyer then guides you through the application process for the chosen program. This includes preparing all necessary documentation, submitting the application, and liaising with the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Once the application is approved and you obtain your desired citizenship or residency, we continue to provide post-approval services. This may include relocation support, setting up businesses or investments, and advice on maximising the benefits of the new status.

How to Become a Passportivity Partner

We welcome specialists and companies working with high-net-worth individuals to cooperate and earn additional income. If your clients are interested in obtaining a second passport or residence permit, become our partner, and we'll provide quality service.

We have more than 400 counterparties among our partners, including consulting agencies, business consultants and financial sector companies.

If you have clients interested in acquiring a second citizenship or residence permit, partner with us and earn a commission following the transaction.

Second Citizenship and Residency by Investment