Foreign real estate exhibition: which country to choose to buy real estate and obtain a residence permit or citizenship?
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Residence Permit in Europe

Exhibition Conference 2024

The MPIRES project, Moscow's Premier International Real Estate Show, is the largest exhibition of foreign real estate at the Expocentre.

Experts of the Partnership Department presented the Passportivity:

  • Yulia Veremeva, Director of Partnership Development, a certified IMC specialist;
  • Elena Klimovskaya, Account Manager in the Partnership Department.

They informed participants about which countries allow real estate acquisition as an income‑generating asset and the process of obtaining a second citizenship or residence permit.

International Real Estate Exhibition 2024

Key Topics of the Exhibition

The nuances of buying and renting real estate in more than 30 countries, including Greece, Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, and Thailand, were discussed at the exhibition.

Yulia Veremeva spoke about the conditions for obtaining citizenship or a residence permit when purchasing real estate. For example, investing $400,000 or more in residential or commercial properties leads to getting a Turkish passport.

In Egypt, investors receive citizenship by investment of $300,000 or more in properties licensed by the government or registered in the real estate registry. These can be residential or commercial properties, as well as land plots.

When purchasing property in Cyprus worth €300,000 or more, investors receive a permanent residence permit.

Temporary residence permits are available in Greece for the purchase of real estate at a minimum cost of €250,000. In the northern, central, and southern parts of Athens, the southern suburbs of Athens, and Thessaloniki, and on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini, the property’s starting price should not be less than €500,000.

In Spain, there is also the option of purchasing real estate with the subsequent issuance of a residence permit. Investors receive status for buying residential or commercial properties worth €500,000 or more.

Exhibition participants learned:

  • why it is profitable to invest in foreign real estate;
  • how to obtain a residence permit or citizenship when purchasing residential or commercial properties abroad;
  • how to reduce investment risks;
  • what is the return on investment in real estate in different countries;
  • how to manage investment assets remotely.

Real estate Passportivity experts help investors choose a suitable property for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship. We work only with trusted developers, first reviewing permitting documentation and construction progress.

Detailed information about purchasing foreign real estate and obtaining a passport or residence permit can be obtained at a personal meeting with experts from Passportivity.

Ask questions about how to receive a second passport and residence permit

Get a consultation for yourself or your clients. We will answer questions, analyse a specific situation and solve problems.

Паспортивити Форум: Юлия Веремьёва
Yulia Veremeva

Director of Partnership Development, Passportivity, certified IMC specialist